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Daily Funding Opportunity Alerts by Email. Part of your LaGENIUS profile (if you wish) is matched daily with a sponsor database to identify and E-mail funding opportunities of interest to you. You must select terms from the On-line Keyword Thesaurus for this function.

LaGenius is the Louisiana portion of a National Searchable Database of University Academic and Technical Expertise. Showcase your expertise on the Web! Join your colleagues from across Louisiana and 600 universities nationwide.

Commercial entities and State Agencies are invited to register to search the expertise database at no charge.

SPIN allows you to design your own search for funding opportunities on a comprehensive database of over 10000 programs, using the same keyword thesaurus as LaSMARTS. Query all open competitions on the entire year (many past oppurtunities will return).

Also links to Medline, Agricola and Patent Databases at no cost!

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